Built Like a Brick Pagoda

Or Everytime I Sneeze, I Sneezes Pennies from Heaven

It's not often you can have a world premiere of an original melodrama, but we were so thankful that Battle Lake's El J. Arntson, recently retired from teaching in Bismarck, N.D., is an actor (first season medicine man), plus the writer/director of Built Like a Brick Pagoda!

Kicking off our second season, Pagoda (which referred to the sturdy outhouse!) was set in an old west dress shop, this hilarious comedy of mistaken identify, foul play, hidden loot and comedic cross-dressing, was a great audience favorite!

A fabulous cast took the show to heart. As usual, actors found moments to share with the audience. You can't compliment the talents of this cast enough!

As usual, early arrivers were entertained by the show's characters. And the local sheriff called a town meeting to warn citizens about the presence of a nasty bandit. Who happens to heckle the sheriff enough to be called up on stage!

Brick Pagoda is destined to be performed by theatre companies around the country, as Arntson plans to touch up and distribute his script. It already has had a reading in North Dakota.

High quality, funny entertainment with a clever plotline...that describes Built Like a Brick Pagoda!

You can download the program HERE .

Built Like a Brick Pagoda cast, LtoR back, Jake Boerhave, Mykey Watchorn, Connor Murphy, Julie Christianson. Front, Teresa Widiger and Samantha Bottko.

Doesn't she know she is a he?

No better place to hide!

Trying the dress on the dummy

Preshow Sherriff town meeting