Choo-Choo Chicanery

We bring our interactive brand of theatre to a new location in Fergus Falls

One of our goals for the Funtastics is to branch out and find new or unique locations for shows. During the summer of 2017, long before we knew our summer home would be engulfed by flames, we approached the owners of the newly rennovated Depot in Fergus Falls and inquired about using the "warehouse" space in back as a small dinner theatre.

Little did we know what a great success that would be!

"Choo-Choo Chicanery" was a train-themed melodrama written to be performed in a train dining car. Viola! We turned the warehouse into a train dining car! What an intimate setting and no fooling around with sound systems...nice!

With four seasoned performers, there was no need for a director. We tweaked the show's ending to better make way for the next train-themed melodrama that takes place in the future with three of the four characters again.

All in all, we entertained nearly 200 people for four performances,

We are always looking for new and unique partnerships with restaurants or businesses.

Caleb Larson, Samantha Bottko, Laura Johnson and Rick Schara provided the entertainment for the new melodrama dinner "pop-up" theatre.

Outside artwork on the depot

Acting in front of the dining carĀ 

I've got you!

Check out the first act on You Tube (to the right)