Dangerous Waters

Our Very First Show

Our first melodrama at Elmer's was called Dangerous Waters, authored by D. Chapelle and directed by Debbie Kaminski.

Nearly 1,200 people saw the show, which was completely sold out after the first weekend! Love that word of mouth! We heard many comments along the lines of "we needed something like this" and "I had so much fun" and "Great food!"

We were on our way!

Many, many hours were donated by many, many people. After all, we were turning a seldom-used pavillion into a performance venue. The bar was moved to one end, a stage was built, electricity was added, not to mention props, set building, purchasing new tables and chairs, new advertising, etc.

The set design was...well, think Looney Tunes! Cartoonish lines and cartoonish characters made many smiles and memories that first year.

Outside, an old time medicine show greeted folks, the start of an interactive component for all our shows.

The melodrama dinner theatre concept worked for the Otter Tail Lakes area!!

Posing on closing night! What a great show! In back were Mykey and Connor, in front were asdfjad;l, Abby (fill-in for the last weekend) and Laura.

Talk about split personality.

They were meant for each other!

The Villain wore many disguises

Our favorite granny-type actor!

The first year "pre-show", 10-minute comedy sketch featured a take on the old western medicine show. Here's an excerpt.