Ghost of a Chance
by D. Chapelle

The Premeire Production in our new Clitherall Old Town Theatre, June/July 2018

Banker Smedly Floggharder has a heart of stone and a balance sheet for a soul. He owns everything in town but the heart of young May
December  — which he wants! Will her greedy mother April have the courage to give up riches to save her daughter? Will handsome Todd McValiant be able to save the day? Will grandma June be able to talk sense into her daughter-in-law? Or is May's only hope going to be a "Ghost Of A Chance"?

Directed by Deb Bottko
Music by Patty Albertson

June December is Laura Johnson. Also known as Gram, a sweet little old woman with a touch of grit. She is the mother-in-law of April. Stay clear!
May December is Izabel TSherman — The sweet young daughter of April. Innocent for sure.
April December is Samantha Bottko – May’s mother is in her middle years and has seen better days. She dresses much younger than she should and desires the finest things.
Smedly Floggharder is Gil Wahl —A vile banker with no scruples. Need we say more?
Todd McValiant is Dawson Ness —A brave young teacher/constable. Yet kind of simple.

Costumes, Set Design/build, Props - Laura Johnson
Publicity & Marketing - Rick Schara

The cast of The Silent Treatment!