The Phantom of Darkgrove
by D. Chapelle

Performed July 2017 at Elmer's Melodrama Dinner Theatre


Remember the old movies where family members go to the old family mansion in search of inheritance? You have the old family members, the young spoiled brat, the mysterious hero...and everyone plays different parts but no one gets it? THIS is that show!

The Darkgrove family has been summoned to the family estate to pay their respects to wealthy matriarch Ernestine Elwonga. She doesn't trust any of the family members and makes the mistake of telling them so. Dottie and Dexter Darkgrove will do anything to insure that the lion's share of the estate goes to them. While son Aykroyd Darkgrove has his troubles with the law. Ernestines's allies include her beautiful ward Tillie Webshuttle and....the mysterious Phantom of Darkgrove!

Directed by Diane Prischmann of Fergus Falls.

Tillie Webbshuttle/May Hemm - Tabitha Smith
Ernestine Elwonga - Brownwynn Touchette
Dottie Darkgrove - Tommy Bowman
Aykroyd Darkgrove/Evil Genius - Nick Aune/Caleb Larson
The Phantom/Dexter Darkgrove - Dawson Ness

Costumes/Props/Set - Laura Johnson
Publicity/Marketing - Rick Schara

Old West Medicine Show - Dawson Ness & Tabitha Smith

Bronwynn and Nick confront each other!