The Silent Treatment 
by D. Chapelle

Performed in June of 2017 at Elmer's Old West Melodrama Dinner Theatre

The villainous Harlowe Hovelmonger intends to throw the lovely and talkative Bethany Angel into the street with her sister Lilith. When he discovers Bethany is about to inherit a fortune he decides to take her as his wife...along with her fortune! But a wager ensues that gives Bethany a chance to escape marriage ...if she can stay 100% silent for one week! Directed by Laura Johnson of Fergus Falls.

Bethany Angel - Bronwynn Touchette
Harlow Hovelmonger - Dawson Ness
Lilith Angel - Erin Bottko
Champ Braverman - Alex Artellano
Emma Erie - Samantha Bottko
Music by Patty Albertson
Costumes, Set Design/build, Props - Laura Johnson
Publicity & Marketing - Rick Schara

Old West Medicine Show - Rick Schara, Laura Johnson, Dawson Ness, Erin Bottko

The cast of The Silent Treatment!